Who are Dell KACE?

Dell KACE™ is a Family of Systems Management Appliances. Saving you time and your organization money versus traditional computer management software solutions.

What is KACE?

Dell KACE is an appliance-based approach to systems management which is easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable and can fulfill the systems management needs of organizations of all sizes, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement.


KACE 2012 Customer Survey Results

  • 80% of users who evaluated ROI report the KACE Appliance paid for itself in less than six months
  • 63% of KACE customers deployed in less than a week
  • 78% of KACE customers reported “high” satisfaction with KACE Appliances


Meet the KACE Family


K1000 Management Appliance

Fulfills the systems management needs of any organization


  • Device discovery & inventory of all hardware and software network-wide.
  • Patch management for automated vulnerability analysis and delivery of patches
  • Asset management for comprehensive asset tracking and compliance reporting
  • Configuration & policy management via pre-packaged or custom policies
  • Power management enables the creation and deployment of energy saving power management configuration policies
  • Reporting & dashboards creates both pre-packaged and custom, wizard generated reports
  • Remote site replication for geographically diverse organizations using existing file servers
  • Broadcast alerts for user notification of important events such as the interruption of e-mail service
  • Organizational management allows for multiple domain support for decentralized IT environments
  • Software distribution for remote distribution and installation of applications and digital assets
  • Secure Browser uses virtualization technology to provide a safer web experience and added security for specialized browsers
  • Service desk & user portal includes integrated incident and problem management
  • Security audit & enforcement assesses vulnerability and uses remediation utilities to identify and lockdown end point security vulnerabilities and quarantine problem nodes
  • Administrative alerts on a variety of computer and network attributes for easy exception-based management
  • Remote control enables centralized problem resolution with no site visit required
  • AppDeploy Live tool for deployment tips and command line suggestions via an exclusive feed from our ITNinja.com community, formerly AppDeploy.com

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K2000 Deployment Appliance

Fulfills the systems deployment needs of any organization


  • Disk imaging is intelligent, file-based K-imaging that reduces image management, capture and storage costs for Windows and Mac OS
  • Windows driver management automatically down loads the latest drivers by computer model, while the driver harvesting tool and hardware inventory make working with other drivers easy
  • Centralized deployment library for easy storing of deployment assets in one manageable, secure location
  • Pre & post deployment configuration enables automation of all deployment tasks including RAID and BIOS configuration, as well as application installation and script execution
  • Remote systems repair & recovery with native Windows and Mac tools to recover systems – including native imaging tools
  • Windows network OS install allows for hardware independent provisioning of any system
  • Windows user state migration centrally captures, stores and deploys user-specific settings and files, enforces compliance by excluding files by type and location, and offers a single-step offline migration
  • Remote site management allows deployment of disk images, operating systems, drivers and applications at remote sites without dedicated on-site hardware or staf
  • Computer inventory scanning & assessment to collect detailed hardware inventory on target systems
  • Offboard storage allows you to add Network File System Network Attached Storage to allow the K2000 to grow with your needs

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K3000 Mobile Management Appliance

Fulfills the mobile management needs of any organization


  • Mobile device inventory management detects and tracks mobile devices and can inventory applications and profiles on the devices through managed agents
  • Mobile device provisioning and setup through single-step secure setup simplifies the process of provisioning mobile devices through over-the-air deployment of agents to devices
  • Application deployment and management pushes free and paid apps from the platform App Store and can also push corporate apps directly to your devices
  • Mobile device and data security protects corporate data on mobile devices through profile management, device lock and unlock, remote enterprise wipe and remote factory reset features
  • K1000 integration allows viewing of all devices, including mobile, from a single console, and extends advanced reporting and service desk capabilities to mobile devices
  • Configuration, policy and profile management enforces and manages configurations to implement corporate IT policies, and allows management of security and settings on managed mobile devices
  • User portal enables user self-help where users can view their own inventory, download approved software and manage settings on their mobile devices
  • Notifications, alerts, messaging and integrated app launch allows alerts to individual mobile devices or groups of devices and also allows users to launch apps from within the notifications, providing a seamless user-experience
  • Automated IT administration allows for quick and efficient accomplishment of a breadth of administrative tasks via an easyto-use, intuitive user interface
  • IT reporting includes prepackaged reports and data downloading tools to easily generate routine and ad hoc reports either on the appliance or through your own tools

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