What are Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs simply allows more integration of the K1000 with the K2000 installations.

How it works

Breadcrumbs are a registry entry or a file which the K1000 will check for on the target machine to perform certain actions.


Example Tutorial Breadcrumbs  in this document are:

Office Breadcrumb

– A registry breadcrumb as a K2000 post install task to install office.
The K1000 is set to look up this breadcrumb as a custom inventory rule and check office is not installed and then deploy it.

Creation Breadcrumb

– A file breadcrumb will check a file which is created from a K2000 installation and checks the creation date and lists it in the Machines inventory as the creation date.


Tutorial 1 – Office Breadcrumb

I. Create a Office Post Install Task on the K2000

Go to Library/Postinstallation Tasks
Choose Action/ Add New BAT Script.

I used the following in the batch script.

@echo off REM ### Set the two values below for your breadcrumb ###

set breadcrumbname=Office_2010
set breadcrumbvalue=0

REM ### Registry Code do not edit ###
reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREKace" /v %breadcrumbname% /t REG_SZ /d %breadcrumbvalue% /f

Script is easy to modify for another breadcrumb by editing the two bold sections.

Click Save.

II. K1000 deployment.
Create Custom Inventory rule.

Go to Inventory/Software
Choose Action/ Add New Item

I used the following in the Custom Inventory Rule.

RegistryValueEquals(HKLM64SOFTWAREKace, Office_2010_Plus, 0) OR RegistryValueEquals(HKLMSOFTWAREKace, Office_2010_Plus, 0)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Custom Inventory Rule above must be all one line otherwise it will not function correctly.
The custom rule checks to locations as the registry is different on 32 and 64 bit machines and this will get it to check for both.

Make sure the bold sections in the rule match what you entered in the K2000 Post  installation task.

Click Save.

III. Setup K1000 with a Breadcrumb Smart label.

Go to Home/Label/Smart Label
Choose Action/ Add New Machine Smart Label

So the Smart Label is doing two things:
1. The Machine must have the breadcrumb we have created installed
2. Must not contain the version of office we are using to install.
This will allow us to install to a machine with the breadcrumb and does not already have office on the Machine.

IV. Setup K1000 to deploy Office managed Installation using the Breadcrumb.

Go to Distribution/Managed Installations
Choose Action/ Add New Item

Simply create the managed installation associated the software to install, enter the installation command, under limit deployment to labels select the breadcrumb label.

Click Save.
Your done, after the new machine checks to the K1000 it will deploy office.

Tutorial 2 – Creation Breadcrumb

Create a Custom Inventory Rule.

Go to Inventory/Software
Choose Action/ Add New Item

I used the following in the Custom Inventory Rule.

FileInfoReturn(C:ProgramDataDellKACEk2000_deployment_info.conf,  CreatedDate, DATE)

The custom rule will check the creation date of the file and as the file is created from a K2000 installation it will display the date the machine was installed.

Click Save.
Your done.
Next time your machines check in with the K1000 it will look for this file and display the date in the Inventory under Custom Inventory Fields. As shown below.

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