In this article we will show you how to install and configure UltraVNC for distrubution on the Dell Kace K1000.

What is Ultra VNC?

UltraVNC (sometimes written uVNC) is an open source application for the Microsoft Windows operating system that uses the VNC protocol to control another computer’s screen remotely.

How it works

A VNC system consists of a client, a server , and a communication protocol

  1. The VNC server is the program on the machine that shares its screen. The server passively allows the client to take control of it.
  2. The VNC client (or viewer) is the program that watches, controls, and interacts with the server. The client controls the server.
  3. The VNC protocol (RFB) is very simple, based on one graphic primitive from server to client (“Put a rectangle of pixel data at the specified X,Y position”) and event messages from client to server.


Example Tutorial UltraVNC in this document:

Creating a complete UltraVNC MSI Package for the K1000.

– To create a complete MSI package, this tutorial will use a simple third party tool which will collect all your settings your require and bundle it together into a MSI file which can then be deployed from the K1000.


Tutorial – UltraVNC MSI Package

I. Install the UlraVNC MSI creator.

Download VNCed MSI creator from here. 
Unzip VNCed MSI creator zip file

II. Configure UltraVNC Settings

Inside the VNCed folder run:
UltraVNC – STEP1.config_ultravnc_64bit_settings.bat for x64
UltraVNC – STEP1.config_ultravnc_settings.bat for x86

UltraVNC settings window will appear, fill in all sections you require.
Please Note.
Under the Input/File Transfer tab in the Input section make sure the Disable Viewers inputs is unticked as by default this is selected causing you not being able to move the mouse or type anything on the client machine.

When done click OK to save.

Run the MSI Build Script:
UltraVNC – STEP2.build_ultravnc_64bit_msi.bat for x64
UltraVNC – STEP2.build_ultravnc_msi.bat for x86

Follow on screen instructions, when completed the MSI file will appear in the VNCed Directory.

III. Create a Managed install on the K1000.

On K1000 go to:
Distribution/Managed Installations
Choose Actions/Add New Item.

Choose UltraVNC from the Software List
Managed Action select Execute Anytime.
Choose the MSI as the Associated File

In the Installation Command choose configure manually then enter:
msiexec /qn /i UltraVNC_64bit.msi
(change the msi filename if named differently.)
Select any machine or machine label to deploy too.

Click Save.

Congratulations your K1000 can now deploy the latest version of Ultra VNC.

Download a PDF version here
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