What is the K1000 Agent Installer?

The agent installer is the package used to deploy the agent to the target machine and then links to the K1000.

How it works
The Installer has updated itself recently it is no longer dependant on the .net framework and now is a .MSI file instead of a .EXE


How to update the Agent installer for the K2000

– Tutorial will show how to access the latest installer from the K1000 and how to configure and prepare the install as a post install task on the K2000.

I. Access the K1000 for the latest agent installer.

    • Connect to the K1000 share
      i.e //yourk1000/client/agent_provisioning/windows_platform/

  • Copy the installer to your computer.

II. Configure the agent to automatically connect to the K1000 after install.

    • The installer does not require a command line variable to connect to the K1000 it will lookup the k1000 from the name of the installer.
    • So all that is required is to add the k1000 address to the end of the installers name Pre appended with a underscore (_).
      i.e “ampagent-5.3.53177-x86_yourk1000address.msi”

  • The agent will now automatically after install attempt to connect to the address after the Underscore.

III. Create a New Post install task on the K2000 for the Agent.

    • On the K2000, go to post installation tab, 
then select Add New K1000 Agent Installer.

    • Name it with the agent version number.
    • Upload the installer to the post task.
    • Command line box use the standard msi install command and any switches such as silent install, as the new installers are .msi and not .exe
      i.e “msiexec /qn /i ampagent-5.3.53177-x86_yourk1000address.msi

Congratulations Your done.
Your K2000 can now deploy machines with the latest K1000 agents to be installed.

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