In this article we will show you how to deploy Google Chrome through the Dell Kace K1000.

Many of you have asked how to deploy Chrome with the Kace K1000..

The following process has been tested and confirmed as working with Google Chrome and Kace K1000 on Windows XP x86, Windows 7 x86 and Windows 7 x64.


Why use Google Chrome standalone MSI for business.

You want this version for the following reasons:

  • Its a msi so can be deployed using the standard silent switches.
  • The business version installs for all users and in Program Files, where as the standard edition has to be installed by each user and is placed in there own program data section.

I. Getting hold of Google Chrome standalone MSI for business.

    • Go to
    • In the bottom right corner is a section for ‘Chrome for Business’ click into it
    • Click the Download button to download the MSI


II. Create a Managed installation for Chrome.

    • On the K1000, go to Distribution section,
    • then the Managed Installations tab.
    • Click choose action and Add New Item.

    • Under the software drop down select the software, for it to appear in the list you would of needed to add Chrome to the software inventory. The best way to do this is to install the software on a machine and do a inventory update, I have already done this when I  tested that the installer worked silently, also this makes sure the software is listed correctly with the correct name and version number.
    • Upload & Associate the installer.
    • Installation Command set to configure manually and in the Run Parameters box use the standard msi install command with silent switch.
    • i.e “msiexec /qn /i googlechromestandaloneenterprise.msi”
    • Select Delete downloaded files, so it removes the installer after completing the install to save space.

  • Click Save
  • Congratulations Your done.
  • Your K1000 can now deploy machines with the latest Google Chrome.

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