In this article we will show you how to create a Group Policy Object (GPO) for KACE K1000 to be able to provision Agents onto machines through Active Directory (AD).

This GPO simply runs a script which will check if the agent is installed and will initiate the install of the agent if not detected.

Create KACE K1000 Agent Installer Script

First create a batch script called ‘install_agent.bat’
In a text editor enter:

---- beginning of script ----
@echo off

REM Install KACE Agent
REM Author : Indigo Mountain
REM Script Details:
REM --------------
REM This script will:
REM + Check if agent is installed.
REM + If installed exit
REM + If not installed will run setup
REM + Works for Windows XP / 7 32-bit and 64-bit


echo Checking For Support Agent - Please Wait...

REM Check for Install x86 Install Location
if exist "%programfiles%DellKACEAMPAgent.exe" exit
REM Check for Install x64 Install Location
if exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%DellKACEAMPAgent.exe" exit
REM Install Kace Agent if not Installed
msiexec /qn /i "%~dp0ampagent-versionnumber-x86_k1000hostname.msi"
exit /B %EXIT_CODE%
--- end of script ----

Change the Purple Section to the name of the agent MSI file.
Remember if you add the Hostname to the MSI file name prefixed with a ‘_’ underscore it will automatically use that address to get to the K1000 as part of a silent install.

Create Active Directory Policy

  • Login to you Active Directory (AD).
  • Go to your administrative tools and start Group Policy Management.
  • Right Click on the left hand tree on the OU you wish to apply the GPO too (where the machines are located in your AD you wish to use this GPO with).
  • Select ‘Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here…’
  • Go to ‘Computer Configuration / Policies / Windows Settings / Scripts / ’
  • Edit ‘Startup’
  • Click Show Files and Place the Script and installer into the startup folder.
(If you don’t have right access find the local location 
I.E ‘c:windowsSysVolDomain.localPolicies{1FAC45B9-F817-4CB6-BA93-6BE5F0C5029C}Machine’ )
  • Click ‘Add’ and select you script you made.
  • Click ‘OK’ and exit out of the GPO

GPO now configured to check for KACE K1000 agent is installed on startup.

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