Service Level Management or SLA’s are key to the IT department taking an understanding of the business and being able to prioritise support activity in line with potential business impact or customer expectation.

Out of the box KACE contains very limited SLA capability, in that you can assign a priority and associated with that priority is a resolution time. When the resolution time is reached escalation emails are then sent to remind the analyst to close the ticket.


Indigo Mountain SLA

At Indigo Mountain we have taken the concept of SLA’s one step further and whilst it is still not perfect, when compared to custom built ServiceDesks, we are at least able to achieve a little more functionality than out of the box.

Urgency vs Impact

We create an Urgency vs Impact matrix allowing the customer to select what impact the issue is having on their abilities to work against how urgent it is that the issue is resolved. Using Ticket rules within KACE we are then able to calculate the priority of the Ticket from the predefined matrix. Priority Values are then assigned in a stepped manner as below.

SLA Calculation

Indigo Mountain have inserted a custom field into the ticket which calculates the amount of time remaining for the priority selected, and this field is updated both on ticket save and also on a regular 15 minute interval. This means that within a 15 minute window of accuracy the IT analyst is able to see how much time they have left to resolve the ticket.
This SLA calculation field is also accompanied by an SLA late indicator, so once a ticket has reached its target resolution time the flag is set to say the ticket’s SLA is now late.

SLA Escalation

SLA EscalationIndigo Mountain has created an escalation rule, such that the ticket will move from a Priority 4 ticket to a Priority 3 ticket based on elapsed time. The idea being that even a ticket on a 5 day SLA should be more important than a Priority 1 call, if the time to SLA is less.
The SLA escalation also sets a flag which in turn disables the ability of the ticket to reset the priority based on urgency and impact.

Overall Functionality

This configuration within the KACE ServiceDesk now allows customers to define an Impact vs Urgency matrix to select Priority of the ticket. The priorities can be set in ascending values 
ie P1 = 1 Day, P2 = 3 Days and tickets will escalate up the priority list based on length of time open.
Technicians can manage their ticket lists by Priority and time remaining of SLA, they can also see from fields if the ticket has exceeded SLA or if the ticket priority has been escalated.

SLA Reporting

SLA based reports are straightforward to create as initially the criteria is simply “did the SLA field say OK or Late”

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