In this article we will show you how to create a Post Install on the KACE K2000 to get the agent to checkin on next boot up.

This Benefits of this is if you had a prepared tasks waiting to be pushed from the K1000 and it just needs to agent to checkin so it knows what the machine needs and begin them.

How the Task works is it installs a script to the machine and set to run next time the machine boots up, using task scheduler. It does it this way because after the machine reboots the task would not run with the correct privileges so to get round this the task creates a task schedule which retains the privileges. (This is why task scheduler is used over ‘run’ in the registry or the ‘Startup’ folder in the start menu)

Download Agent Checkin Task

The Task has been pre-made as a package file ready for import straight into the K2000, so will show up as a Post install Task once imported.
Download the task from the following link

Importing Agent Checkin Task

Unzip the downloaded file and you should have Agent_Checkin_On_Next_Startup.pkg (Its zipped up, because some browser’s decide to rename the file to a incorrect format.)

  • Login to the K2000
  • Go to ‘Settings & Maintenance’ tab
  • Go to the ‘Package Management’ Sub-Tab
  • Select Import K2000 Packages
  • Click ‘Choose Action’ and select ‘Upload Package for Import’
  • Click ‘Choose File’ and select the location of the downloaded package file (Agent_Checkin_On_Next_Startup.pkg)
  • Click Import Package.

You now created the task, simply choose this task as the first in the install order.

Whats in the Package

The Batch script is very simple.
First is an install bat script, which copies the checkin script to the computer system temp and sets a scheduled task to run on next startup (with a 2min delay) to run the checking script. The scheduled task is set to run as the system.

When the checkin script runs its forces the agent to checkin and then removes the scheduled task and then remove itself from the system temporary folder.

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