Here at Indigo Mountain we have been working within the Asset area of the Dell KACE K1000 appliance, making the data more dynamic and easier to manage with our Barkode Scanner app, changing the structure of data to enable the recording of data relationships and also working within Custom Rules to enable data within the Asset area to be updated regularly

One of the challenges that customers have with Asset Management is the ability to record procurement information and then generate reports that show depreciated values for owned assets. Whilst it is possible to import pre-calculated data information into the Dell KACE asset database, maintaining an ongoing calculation of current asset value has been a challenge.

Depreciation Reporting

With some simple configuration changes within the Asset Type area of your Dell KACE K1000, the basic financial details required to achieve Asset depreciation reporting can be configured. They would be Date of Purchase, Original Value and the Type of Depreciation to be applied. The data within these fields can be imported from a CSV file type, using the standard Dell KACE Asset import process.

Next the custom Indigo Mountain rule can be imported, enabled and set to run every month. As it runs it updates the current value field with the correct amount, in line with the style of deprecation selected eg

· 3 Year Straight Line Depreciation

· 5 Year Straight Line Depreciation

With the Dell KACE K1000 being regularly updated, reporting on Asset Depreciation, is simple and can be set to run on a monthly schedule.

Next Steps

If this is something that you may be interested in for your Dell KACE K1000 just contact us and arrange to download our Depreciation Consulting pack which will contain the following items:

· Comprehensive Installation and configuration instructions

· Custom Dell KACE Rule Package

· Custom Dell KACE Reports Package

Once installed, our rules and reports can be easily customised to apply to any Asset type that you have created on your Dell KACE K1000. We can also help if you need to customize the style of Depreciation that you wish to use if it is different from the straight line method provided.

asset detail

Sample Asset Type configured

ticket rule

Configured Ticket Rule


Resulting Depreciation report