New Release BarKode v3 – Take Your KACE Asset Management to the Max!

We are pleased to announce our latest software release BarKode v3 for the Dell KACE k1000 appliance. With our previous versions we were able to improve Asset Management principles within Dell KACE, allowing customers to add, monitor and update asset data such as Location, Department and Status from a simple Android or IOS Handheld device. Taking what was formerly static data and making it more dynamic, which adds value, improves accuracy, enables clearer reporting and ultimately saves money. Now we are ready to help you take your Asset Management to the next level with our newest version of the BarKode App.

With our new BarKode v3 release you will be able to:

  • Scan and Create New Assets – Device and Custom Types
  • Scan and Update ANY Existing Asset Data
  • Scan and Update Data for multiple Assets – All Asset Types
  • Scan and Create multiple new assets – All Asset Types
  • Assign assets to Users

In practical terms this means that you will be able to do the following:

  •  Apply Assets to Users
  • Create Asset relationships
  • Add any Product data at Goods In
  • Use Various Input Modes: Barcode Scan, Manual Entry or Data Lookup from Dell KACE
  • Update ANY custom field in ANY Asset type from within the BarKode Interface

We’ve improved the BarKode User Interface and also built a brand new appliance platform that scans and updates your Dell KACE K1000 at incredible speed. So for Dell KACE users you can look to find improvement in many Asset Management Processes including :

  • More Effective Goods in, adding data at Goods receipt
  • Better Ongoing Auditing Process
  • Better Ownership reports – Starters/Leavers
  • Comprehensive Stores reporting
  • Location Scanning
  • Ownership Scanning
  • Creation of Equipment Configurations

Click here for more details or book a short web demo to see how we can transform your Asset Management today.


Find BarKode v3 on the Appstore or Playstore