The BarKode solution for KACE has a great track record for enabling the Asset management life-cycle within customers K1000. The ability to easily create, update and manage Asset records means that working practices or processes can now be documented and followed, quickly and simply, with the data associated captured and recorded within the K1000 Asset database.

For some time now customers have been asking if they are able to “Doublescan” data to enter it into KACE. For example, to have the ability to create an Asset Type of iPhone, to assign an Asset number to the device, but then potentially to scan the IMEI number and Serial number straight into the asset record on the BarKode UI. Having this functionality would mean that Assets can be comprehensively booked in at the point of goods receipt.

In response to our customers’ requests I am happy to announce that the latest release of BarKode for KACE, available on the appstore or Playstore now includes that functionality.

To see how the functionality will further enhance and simplify Asset entry and management in your KACE K1000 visit the following Youtube link

For more information talk to your Dell rep, or email [email protected] to set up a short demo