Unfortunately we can’t take away all of the pain associated with #GDPR, but if you are a small business we can certainly help you go a long way to reducing the risks. As far as we can see the biggest risk to small business from GDPR is to be on the receiving end of a fine that is unaffordable and draconian at which point our small businesses will have be forced to close. What are the main areas that would put us in a position to be shot at by the compliance police, well firstly marketing in a way that contravenes GDPR rules, and we are not in that business, so just be careful out there people! Secondly, Data Loss, here is where we can help.

Our latest service offering is a managed service that will help you lock down and protect your data, reducing the risk dramatically by taking simple steps and it is a service that can be scaled down to a single PC organisation. We will install our management agent, encrypt your data, install protection software and keep your devices update every month, minimising the risk of data loss through physical loss, virus or hacking attack.

Let us apply Big Business Methodologies to protect your data, because Small Business Data is just as important as Big Business Data

https://indigomountain.co.uk/managed-service-2/ or contact us a [email protected] for more information