Indigo Mountain’s DASHboard for KACE takes a further step towards giving you all the metrics you want on a single screen. Our latest release allows for the creation of any graphical widget from an SQL report, meaning that you can display multiple ServiceDesk Queue Data, Asset, Inventory or Patch on a single DASHboard, with the advantage of not having to have a KACE Admin console open on your big screen!!

The DASHboard now runs in its own application window, no longer requiring a browser to display the data and no longer require a DASHboard appliance. Working on the basis that you require custom KPI’s, once you can define those KPI’s, we can help you to define the report and then we can create the Graph to display the metrics that really matter to you.

This makes the possibilities for DASHboards endless as you can create Servicdesk DASHboards for analysts, specific DASHboards for a Departmental overview, Executive DASHboards to give the C-Level key metrics.

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