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Managing the IT needs of remote users is much more than just knowing the core device each user has, join us in our latest Webinar to learn how you can start to see the full picture.

Being forced to move to a remote, home working support model for a lot of businesses has been a challenge, not just with the perceived loss of control for management, but also with the speed that events happened.

Loosing equipment or non recording of ownership is going to be a longer term business issue of you do not understand what your business owns, where it is and who is using it.

Asset location, Owner and Status are the “Holy Trinity” of equipment management data, and assigning a combination of any two, will enable you to track and trace everything your business owns more effectively.

It will also unlock the door to a healthy culture of ongoing equipment audits, aligned with ITIL Configuration Management Best Practice, based on Ownership or Location data.

Join us in our latest Quest webinar to learn how to set out your plan to introduce and use the power of the Audit, to understand how you may regain control over your newly distributed Asset estate.

Most importantly understand how you can use your KACE SMA to start making savings that will increase your corporate bottom line, as the world returns to its new working normal.

Our Asset management Webinar “The power of the Audit”  took place on Tuesday the 23rd, if you missed it here is the recording of the session from youtube.