Have you ever wanted to get a ticket logged every Tuesday to remind you to carry out a certain task? 

Or perhaps once a month you need to get a ticket logged so you can spend a couple of hours doing a set task to which you must allocate time via a ticket?

It used to be that to get a ticket logged within KACE, on any kind of schedule you had to use the reports schedule wizard, set it up to run a blank report, that would fire an incoming email into your ServiceDesk, and that in turn would create a ticket.

Nothing wrong with that, but you then had to do some pretty nifty code to turn a blank ticket into something that was useable.

At Indigo Mountain we have tackled the issue in a different way and wondered if any KACE users out there had the same requirements and would find this useful. How did we achieve this??

In short we create a second Queue, that queue is customised to hold basic ticket details such as what, when and who, marked with a status to say if it is active or not.

We then wrote some pretty fancy rules so that you are able to email your main support queue:

  • Everyday
  • Every individual day, say every Wednesday
  • or The second Tuesday of the month as an example

Check out our short video on this link….click Here

and if you need to do something like this….please get in touch to discuss….we are after all, still Quest Pro Services here in the UK space!!