Indigo Mountain

Intelligent IT Solutions.

Our Story

Indigo Mountain started purely as a training focussed organisation, delivering KACE training to new customers across Europe. This has given us an unrivaled knowledge of the KACE platform, knowledge that we are happy to share with our customers.

From our training core we were then able to expand and start delivering consultancy for the KACE product, not only independantly but also on behalf of the Dell and Quest organisations. Our ability to translate customer needs into practical solutions, using all areas of the KACE tool has proven time and time agian to deliver value to customers globally.

The underpinning desire for any of our services, is that they are designed and delivered to help our customers run their businesses more effectively, and not only that, but by providing detailed handover and ongoing support, the power to do more rests firmly within the hands of our customers. 

We aim to help release the burden of dealing with IT systems, to give our clients’ IT staff the time to deal with critical tasks, or work on strategic projects to drive their organisations forward.

We specialise in Service Desk Support, Desktop Management, Application & Operating System Deployment, Asset Management and Software License Compliance, along with Intelligent Patching and Security Updates.

From our core activities of training and consultancy we have also been able to spot customer requirements where tools fall short or additional functionality may be required. This has in turn enabled us to start developing our own solutions which are both complimentary to the KACE platform and also standalone solutions.

  • Training 10% 10%
  • Consultancy 60% 60%
  • Solution Development 30% 30%