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Asset Management

BarKode for KACE lets you keep track of inventory status such as Active, In-Store, Missing or Retired, allowing for much more accurate stock-keeping of spare or new equipment.

Deployment & Imaging

Accelerate the initial provisioning and ongoing administratin of system images and driver updates with the KACE SDA. Easy to use, OS-Agnostic systems provisioning appliance ensures your connected systems remain up to date.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Rapid Recovery lets you protect anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud.


Enhance your KACE SMA Service Desk with DASHboard, Report on Multiple Queues, Patches & Reports all on one screen.

Cloud MDM

Inventory, manage and secure the mobile devices with KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager, a simple, straightforward, cloud-based solution for MDM. Seemeless integration with your KACE SMA.

Patch Management

Lockdown your environment with the KACE Systems Management Appliance. Painleslly patch mission-critical applications and operating systems.

Fast, Simple, secure remote desktop access for business professionals.

Get remote access with Splashtop Business. Increase productivity and response time with smooth, secure access to all your company’s applications, files and data.

Deployment, Patching, Distribution, Asset Management & Service Desk.

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Packaging & Deploying Office 365

Packaging & Deploying Office 365

Overview   Deploying Office 365 as a remote deployment package requires the package to be downloaded in line with a configuration xml that defines the package content. This configuration.xml is then used in the deployment of that package along with a setup.exe...

KACE Metrics, All on one screen!

KACE Metrics, All on one screen!

Indigo Mountain's DASHboard for KACE takes a further step towards giving you all the metrics you want on a single screen. Our latest release allows for the creation of any graphical widget from an SQL report, meaning that you can display multiple ServiceDesk Queue...

GDPR Headaches?

GDPR Headaches?

Unfortunately we can't take away all of the pain associated with #GDPR, but if you are a small business we can certainly help you go a long way to reducing the risks. As far as we can see the biggest risk to small business from GDPR is to be on the receiving end of a...

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