BarKode 3 Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can I Download The BarKode App?

The App is available on both the App store for Apple Users, and the Play Store for Android Users.

Which Devices Are Compatable With The App?

The app will work with any of the following devices, but remeber newer devices with a higher quaility camera are prefered as they will be better at reading your barcodes or QR codes.

  • iPhone 6s or later
  • Any Itteration of iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro
  • Any android smartphone or tablet on Jellybean (4.1) or later
Does The App Work On Windows Devices?

No, the app is not currently compatable with Windows Mobile Devices.

What Does The BarKode Appliance Do?

The BarKode Appliance Communicates with your device, the KACE SMA and its Database to update your asset data, the Appliance is the brains of the BarKode App, meaning the app will not work if it can not communicate with the Appliance.

How Do I Get The Appliance?

The appliance is available on a 30 day trial basis and can be downloaded from our website or from a link in any team members email signature. 

Does The App Work Without The Appliance?

No, the Appliance provides the connevction and data flow between the app and your SMA and is required for all functionatilty of the app.

How Much Does It Cost?

BarKode is sold on a “per scanning Device” basis, and is licensed either in a perpetual license version, with annual support and maintenance or on a subscription basis available monthly or annually. Prices start from just £50 ($75) per month for a single device.

How Does Licencing Work For Barkode?

The Licencing for BarKode is very simple, it is done on a ‘Per Device Basis’, meaning for every device you want to run the app on, you will need a licence.

For example, if you have 5 technicians who will be scanning assets into your SMA, each with their own device, that will require 5 Licences,

The first licence you purchase also includes the BarKode Appliance Download, A scheduled Conference Call with one of our engineers to configure the app to your environment, and your first year of support.

Need the User Guide, Download Here:

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