BarKode v4 for KACE

‘Implementing a new asset management solution was a daunting task. With the help of everyone at Indigo Mountain, that task became considerably easier. The time and effort they put in to create custom scripts for our job specific needs, their willingness to schedule a conference call at the drop of a hat, and the updates to the BarKode appliance to keep up with the ever changing world of technology has made this entire process not only easy and sustainable, but also a joy to work with such great people and company. We at Richland School District, could not have asked for a better group of people than those at Indigo Mountain to meet and exceed our highly customized needs for asset management. We will definitely recommend them to anyone seeking advice for an asset management solution.’

Randy Presnell

Richland Schools District.

Scan And Update Any Asset

Introducing BarKode  for KACE– The fastest, most accurate way of tracking and updating assets, stock levels and equipment, using a simple hand-held device, and your KACE SMA or Systems Management Appliance.


v4 New Features

In the v4 release of BarKode for KACE are a number of key new features, including:


  • Generic Search within asset tags, serial numbers or names
  • Geo Location, view the last scanned location within the BarKode App.
  • Key KACE Data – Barkode writes data in  all KACE default fields
  • Built in workflows for more intuitive use

Keeping tabs on what you’ve got and where it all is can be a long, drawn-out process. But whether you’re struggling with a manual process, or simply trying to get your head around complicated automation software, you can relax – Our BarKode for KACE App does all the hard work, letting you update stock levels and Asset data simply and effectively. Providing real time data updates straight from your hand into your KACE SMA.

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What is it?

A simple application for Android and IOS, BarKode for KACE lets you easily scan your assets to quickly update your stock and equipment status, directly into your KACE Systems Management Appliance.

  • Simple barcode scanning from your Phone or Tablet (no need to access the KACE console)
  • Manage the current status, location or owners of your assets
  • In-depth IT Asset tracking, update any fields your asset contains, straight from your device!

Because BarKode for KACE is already aligned to an ITIL configuration, asset management becomes simplified and more accurate for all your staff.

Why use it?

If you want to reduce equipment loss, increase visibility of stock levels and make asset tracking easier for everyone, the BarKode for KACE is for you.

  • Easily scan barcodes using an Android or iOS device
  • Standardise how data arrives at your KACE Asset Management Database
  • Enable a culture of on-going, consistent audits and updates

Any KACE customer with a Systems Management Appliance can use BarKode for KACE, but it doesn’t require KACE console access. This makes it simple to delegate asset and stock updates to even non-technical members of staff.


Accuracy, Performance, Full Features. No Compromise

Android or iOS

Barkode for KACE is available on both the App Store for IOS users and the Play Store for Android users, allowing anyone with a mobile device or tablet the ability to keep assets up to date remotely.

Track your IT Assets

BarKode for KACE is designed remove the complexity and manual stress of updating data within your KACE SMA allowing real time updates as you move and make changes in your environment, all through an App on a Mobile Device.

Enable Best Practice process in KACE

Using the BarKode app with KACE simplifies the definition, implementation and ongoing management of key IT Asset processes, such as Starters and Leavers, Goods In, Stores and Spares or Moves and Changes.

In-Depth Detail

Drill-down deeper, with verification of computer details such as User GeoLocation, Department and Cost Center.

Simple Status Management

Keep track of inventory status such as Active, In-Store, Missing or Retired, allowing for much more accurate stock-keeping of spare or new equipment.

User Ownership

Select the owner of the asset when scanning in devices to keep track of who has what.

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