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for your KACE SMA – Your Data, Your Way!

Transforming Your KACE Data Into Meaningful Business Information

Are you a KACE SMA Customer?

Do you use the Service Desk, Patching or Asset Management ?

Would you like to see your important KACE data in a crisp, clean Dashboard?

How do we do Dashboards? - It's a Consultancy thing!

We find that whilst a lot of the statistics that KACE SMA Customers want to display, are the same, the way in which they want to display them varies greatly. Also typically, with every engagement we discuss, every customer has at least one unique metric that is specific to their business needs and they always want those metrics displayed in a colour, layout and graphical style that fits their requirements. 

We used to sell our own DASHBoard product, but the potential customer value it provided was undermined by the constant messaging from Quest that suggested that Microsoft Power BI was an easy route to take and as such after years of trying, we decided to investigate that path.

We now offer Power BI custom dashboards builds for customers on an engagement, rather than product basis, as we find it better fits the model that KACE customers are looking for.

The following sections of this page layout detail some of the challenges we have overcome and the method that we use for engaging with KACE customers that would like custom dashboards.


Dashboard Lessons we have learned...

Starting off on our Power BI journey we learned a few key lessons quickly.

1. Power BI training is not typically aligned with the database access restrictions that are placed on us by the KACE database, so during training we constantly had to apply the “appliance logic” to help us understand what we were doing.

2. You need the correct mix of knowledge and experience to get any data that makes sense from KACE in Power BI. That includes skills in:

  •    Power BI
  •    SQL
  •    KACE UI and Database structures
  •    Business knowledge

3. Even when you think you have seen every metric possible before, each customer needs something unique that you may need to reconfigure KACE to get.

In short, we have been through the pain on your behalf, so why bother to build a bus, just get on one that’s already going!!  

Our Consultancy Process

To help us to understand your individual requirements for a dashboard, we go through the following steps:

  • Definition – Understanding what metrics you want to display and confirming if they are possible to be retrieved from KACE. At the end of this Definition stage we are able to agree how long the build will take, including any changes that we might need to make on your SMA to capture the metrics.
  • Remediation – If required, making changes to the KACE system to enable the metrics you want to be captured. We do have over a decade of consultancy experience on the KACE product, not many  can say that, so if we think something can be done, it usually can!
  • Design – Agreeing the pages, layout, colours, Graph types that you want to see on your Dashboard, completing the design with a signoff so both parties understand what the end deliverable will be made up of.
  • Build – We then build the Dashboard, in line with the design document ready for testing and Customer sign off.

  • Customer Test & Sign off 
How much can I customize my Dashboards?

Most things are capable for example, you are able to add a corporate logo to your dashboard, you are also able to change the colours of graphs and the theme so you can match your Dashboard to your corporate “look and feel”, you can select what graph types you want metrics to be displayed as and you can define the size shape and layout of the graphs within your dashboard.

What data can I see on my Dashboards?

You will have the choice of any metrics to be added to your dashboard. You may even want a single dashboard with multiple pages or multiple single page dashboards for individual use i.e. an Executive dashboard and a Servicedesk dashboard.

Those dashboard graphs could include metrics from any of the following areas of your SMA:

  • Servicedesk
  • Inventory
  • Asset management
  • Patching and Feature Updates

We typically work from a list of graphs for each Dashboard type, for example the Service Desk could have any combinationof the following graphs:

  • Tickets Logged Today
  • Tickets Closed Today
  • Current Tickets
  • Combination of the above 3 graphs on a single graph
  • Tickets logged today by Technician
  • Tickets Closed today by Technician
  • Tickets Logged today by Priority
  • Current Tickets by Technician
  • Current Tickets by Priority
  • Current Tickets by Status
  • Weekly Summary Chart – Open, Closed, Current
  • Monthly Summary Chart – Open, Closed, Current
  • SLA – Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Assets By Type, Location, Category, Department, Cost Centre.

Or alternatively you can request the creation of a custom graph to display different data, unique to your organisation

The dashboards are built to update regularly, so your statistics are kept up to date throughout your working day.

How much does the Dashboard Cost?

A typical Dashboard engagement takes us between 4 and 6 days effort to deliver.

We charge each engagement at our standard day rate, just contact us to find out more.


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