Custom Dashboards

for your KACE SMA – Your Data, Your Way!

Transforming Your KACE Data Into Meaningful Business Information

Are you a KACE SMA Customer?

Do you use the Service Desk, Patching or Asset Management ?

Would you like to see your important KACE data in a crisp, clean Dashboard?

How Does DASHboard Work?
The DASHboard Appliance runs on from a windows.exe or mac.dmg file. It creates a server on a machine on your network which is easily accessible from other machines.  This is then linked to your K1000 Database and reformatted so that the data is presented in views that make sense to your business. Each graph is highly customisable and we can create custom graphs depending on your needs and requirements.
What DASHboards are available?
Currently you can use DASHboard for both Service Desk and SLA graphs. We have now added in Asset Management charts and the ability to have multiple queues on one DASHboard. Inventory & Patch Management DASHboards are coming soon.
We can also pull any data from your K1000 to build custom DASHboards for your business.
What data can I see on my DASHboards?
You will have the choice from a list of graphs for each DASHboard type, for example the Service Desk has the the following graphs:

  • Tickets Logged Today
  • Tickets Closed Today
  • Current Tickets
  • Combination of the above 3 graphs on a single graph
  • Tickets logged today by Technician
  • Tickets Closed today by Technician
  • Tickets Logged today by Priority
  • Current Tickets by Technician
  • Current Tickets by Priority
  • Current Tickets by Status
  • Weekly Summary Chart – Open, Closed, Current
  • Monthly Summary Chart – Open, Closed, Current
  • SLA – Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Assets By Type, Location, Category, Department, Cost Centre.

Or alternatively you can request the creation of a custom graph to display different data.

The dashboards will update regularly on a minute by minute basis, so your statistics are kept up to date throughout your working day.

Can I customize my DASHboard?
You are able to add a corporate logo to your dashboard, you are also able to change the colours of graphs and the theme so you can match your Dashboard to your corporate “look and feel.”
How much does the DASHboard Cost?
DASHboard pricing starts at $4,999.
Discounts available for Healthcare & Education.


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