KACE & ServiceNow Data Integration


Are you a KACE Customer?

Do you also use ServiceNow ?

Would you like to see your KACE Asset data in your ServiceNow CMDB?

Why integrate KACE and ServiceNow?

KACE is by far and away one of the market leaders for Endpoint management, combining a huge variety of Endpoints data in a single manageable UI, which then in turn enables management functionality that will undoubtedly save time, money and effort.

Similarly ServiceNow is far and away a market leader in the ITIL ServiceDesk, process management, customer interaction space, providing a platform that can be customized to fit the service requirements of any organisation. 

So if you want World Class Endpoint management and World Class Service Management, why compromise? With K-Link you can get the best of both worlds. 


How does the Integration work?

K-Link is a small middle-ware server, configured to talk to both your KACE and ServiceNow environments. The code identifies the devices or assets that are found in your KACE environment and transfers the data into your ServiceNow environment, updating or creating fresh Configuration Items (CI’s) as required within your CMDB.

What data is transferred?

K-Link will transfer all of the key information regarding your Asset or Device, as well as the basic hardware information (Asset no. Serial No. Make, Model etc). It will also transfer a list of the software that has been discovered on the device and also linked end-user or Owner information.

How frequent are the updates?

The K-Link server has the option that enables you to set a custom schedule for your Data import, so this can be set to happen every night, or every hour depending on the level of change within your environment.

Can I get 2-Way Data flow with K-Link?

Whilst 2-way data flow between KACE and ServiceNow is fully possible with K-Link, we have yet to find a valid use KACE to get it configured. We understand the value of a Service Related process seeing what you own, where it is, who is using it and how it is configured, but as to what data we should write back and for what reason, perhaps you can help us work it out?

Maybe you want to see a Status change in KACE when a ServiceNow Change request is due to be completed on a server or workstation?

Maybe you want to update location data of assets, when you discover it is different in the CMDB?

Maybe you want a ServiceNow user to be able to deploy software using KACE from the ServiceNow process flow?

Perhaps you can think up a new use case that we can’t yet see, if so please get in touch and share your thoughts…..

How is K-Link Licensed?

K-Link is a subscription based license, renewed on an annual basis.

The subscription fee can be made monthly or annually.

The monthly charge is based on the number of data items that are transferred using the integration every month.

From as little as a few cents or pence per asset per month, you could have a fully integrated KACE and ServiceNow environment



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