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Introducing BarKode for Spiceworks – The fastest, most accurate way of tracking and updating assets, stock levels and equipment, using a simple hand-held device, and your Spiceworks Database


Keeping tabs on what you’ve got, where it is and who is using it, can be a complicated process. But whether you’re struggling with a lack of control, manual processes or loads of spreadsheets, Barkode for Spiceworks does all the hard work managing asset data quickly, easily and more accurately..


What is it?

A simple application for iOS handheld devices, Barkode for Spiceworks connects to your Spiceworks database and lets you scan your assets to quickly view and update your asset status, location, department or custom data, providing updates directly into your Spiceworks database.

  •   Simple barcode scanning from your iPhone or iPad
  •   Mange the current status of your assets
  •   In-depth IT Asset tracking, Simplifying reporting
  •   Manages stores and spare equipment
  •   Enables starters and leaver process
  •   Alligned to BSI and ITIL standards

Why use it?

If your organization has multiple assets you’ll want to have a strategy in place to get the best results for your bottom line, whether they are financial, physical or organizational assets. An Asset management process will provide a structured, best practice aproach to managing the assets.

  • Reduces risks associated with ownership of assets
  • Save time by simply scanning in new Assets! (no spreadsheets)
  • Extended lifecycle of assets
  • Better management of warranty  and repair process


iOS| iPad | iPhone

Barkode for Spiceworks is currently only available on  the App Store for IOS users. Allowing users to update their assets on the go! 

Track your IT Assets

BarKode for Spiceworks is designed to help you manage your IT assets simply though an App on a Mobile Device.

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