KACE UserKon 2018 took place in New Orleans, LA, took place in May and now seems half a world away. KACE customers from the four corners of the US came together to learn more about KACE, to see new features and just generally to party and have a good time. As sponsors of the event, Indigo Mountain was in the thick of it and we loved it. Catching up with faces that we had not seen for many years, chatting through the challenges we want to use KACE to overcome and also discussing our “value add” BarKode and DASHboard product solutions.


The great thing about a KACE UserKon is that unlike so many other software conferences you come to learn, you come to get more value out of your existing investment in KACE and you come to see how you can do more with this great product.


So here is the big news, soon to be released, KACE UserKon for European customers is back, scheduled for the 12th November in Paris, here is your opportunity to come and learn about KACE from a team of experts that only get together once in a blue moon! If you are new to KACE, perhaps you have inherited the tool, come and learn the basics, make sure your knowledge is at a good enough level to support your organisation. If you have been using KACE for a while, come and learn some advanced techniques and methods to do even more with this great platform. Bring you questions and challenges to the Geek bar, learn from other people’s vast experience, come and see where KACE is going and take the opportunity to feedback directly to people that matter.


For less than the cost of a days consultancy, immerse yourself in the KACE community.

See you there, Bon Voyage!!

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